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How to Fly Through Life First Class
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Although it may demand a lot on our part, it is really worthwhile. When one travels through fear and negativity, it goes against nature. It really prevents you from shining like the sun, and instead, you remain among the dark clouds. Living life in fear costs you a lot.

It simply costs you your LIFE. Often times, people have experienced whatever they have feared the most. This is because their focus was on the things they did not like and not on the things that they deeply cherished. Every now and then, we feel that we have to fight against the energy which is on the outside but the real fact is that the enemy is within us and we need to conquer it with love. Travelling first class in life on the other hand, guarantees a whole package of excitement.

This confirms the amazing reasoning behind the law; like attracts like.

Those generous souls are full of life and they really live out loud. The moment you make the decision to travel first class, you unlock the amazing gifts attached to it. You are always taken care of by the universe, sometimes in surprising ways.

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You will stand in awe at what life has to offer. It starts with positive thinking. We need allow only positive thoughts to occupy our mind as we tend to materialise those things in life. Positive thinking leads to positive actions.

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Life appears as a catalogue to us and we just have to flip over it and choose whatever adventure we want to experience. The more grateful we are to life, the more life will amaze us. Gratitude simply attracts more of what we have and want in life. Another essential tool at our service is our visualisation ability. Life can be phenomenal, if you choose to visualise life as being heaven on earth and break all the limits.

When you choose to fly First Class, you begin to praise life as you go along, sending love and light to everyone you encounter. While you may come into contact with negative people — instead of adopting their negativity, you will spread your light, touch their hearts, and eventually make the crowd follow you.

I am a citizen of the world. My particular hometown, religion, color, and ethnicity are not as important as the things like my desire for joy, happiness, health, freedom, adventure and peace.

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These are things that connect me to all the wonderful people I have been meeting around the world and calling family. And human beings, with awareness, can also open those boundaries and change those rules for the good of all.

What class are you travelling today?

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When we fly, we have a panoramic view from above to see the earth as one planet, which makes it easier to realize that we are all one. My global peace flight, which connects the South Pole to the North Pole and everyone in between, is scheduled to begin December 15, You can read the entire original article on AOPA here: Learn more about aviation and becoming a member of this great organization here. Subscribe to my website and join me on Facebook for more insights on my mission, scientific experiments, my team, the route, and more: Listen to each segment right here:.

Have an impact on the world:.

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The high-tech Scheyden Zen sunglasses designed specifically for my flight:. What I teach about learning how to fly without fear and the future of aviation education DVD:. Are you feeling overwhelmed or beaten down by life? If you are like me, you think you can do it all. Every man or woman is an island, right? You and what army are going to stand in my way? Your list is probably different, but endless, like mine. The place we get ourselves into trouble is when we think we can handle everything on our own.

We keep stacking it all up telling ourselves the story that we will make some additional time here or there. The Universe reminds us, quietly at first, by offering signs to slow down, take a break or ask for help. We could save ourselves hours, thousands of dollars and a lot of pain and suffering if we were just open to these signs and took action immediately. Since words are imperfect and often mean different things to different people, the Universe often uses symbols and metaphors.

I was dropping some clothes at a local shelter, and as I was slowly pulling off to the right shoulder and curb, my tire hit a cement protrusion and went flat due to damage to the sidewall. Another hour and half later, I was still at the dealership waiting for the tire to be put on, not to mention the added time driving there and back.

The next sign was more severe. I was walking in Balboa Park, my happy place, with one of my mentors and was hit from behind by a guy on a bike, seemingly homeless and on drugs, attempting to break the world land speed record. The cost in dollars and time lost makes me want to cry. Tow truck, tire, and front end alignment: When I meditated on why all this was happening, the light went on: I followed that insight with a free form journal experiment and got the same answer: Help is available; you just need to be open to it.

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Robert DeLaurentis, the “Zen Pilot”, is a noted aviation speaker and author with over flight hours. Robert DeLaurentis, the “Zen Pilot”, is a noted aviation speaker and author with over flight hours. Robert has his Visual, Instrument and Multi-engine.

Your right side organizes and moves you forward into the future. It governs how you interact with the world.

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That is yang energy. When you are experiencing problems on your right side, you may feel stuck or hampered in moving forward. Or you may be undergoing unwanted change that is causing fear, reluctance, or trepidation. The probable cause of the challenge is that Shoulders represent our ability to carry out experiences in life joyously.

We make life a burden by our attitude. So why in the world do these kinds of things happen? Is it cosmic torture? Are we being punished? Could it be that we need to be broken open to let the light in so that we can be healed by the very force that loves us unconditionally?